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Uncertain, but apparently founded before c. III 1300
On the edge of the Chetwood, to the east of Bree
From Old English ar-cæt, meaning 'forest's edge'


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Forest village of Bree-land

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The most remote of the settlements of the Bree-land, a village set among the trees on the edge of the Chetwood, somewhat to the east of Bree itself. When Aragorn and the Hobbits left Bree on their journey to Rivendell, they started out in the direction of Archet to fool the crowd of watching Bree-landers, although they turned aside into the Chetwood before reaching the village itself.

Later in the War of the Ring, the woods around Archet became the abode of ruffians and robbers from the south. During the winter, these Men attempted an invasion of Bree itself, but were fought back. Their accomplices among the Bree-men, Harry Goatleaf and Bill Ferny, escaped with them, and apparently joined them in their forest camps near Archet.

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