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A wise leader at Helm's Deep

(Unnamed son)
(Unnamed grandson)1

The leader of the watchers of Helm's Dike, an old man, though still a commanding presence at the time of the Battle of the Hornburg. Despite his age, he was still a brave fighter - in that Battle, it was Gamling who first realized that orcs had penetrated the Deep through its culvert, and he led the counterattack himself.

Gamling seems to have been brought up in the western valleys of Rohan - at least, he understood the tongue of Dunland that was still spoken in those regions.



Though Gamling's son and grandson are never named, we can be sure that they existed. During the preparations for the Battle of the Hornburg, Gamling refers to his 'son's son', who indeed fought in the battle himself, though his grandfather considered him too young to do so (from The Two Towers III 7, Helm's Deep).

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