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West-march of Rohan

The western extent of the land of the Rohirrim

A narrow strip of land enclosed by the Rivers Isen and Adorn, running westward for some 150 miles from the White Mountains west of Helm's Deep. This was a part of the land originally gifted to Eorl by Cirion, and so had always been a true part of the realm of the Rohirrim. Over the years, however, it fell under the influence of the Dunlendings, and it was a lord from the West-march, Wulf son of Freca, who led the invasion of Rohan during the Long Winter. After the invaders had been repelled, a Dunlending presence remained in the West-march, and it was not fully reclaimed by the Rohirrim until the time of King Folcwine, nearly a hundred years later.

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