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Approximately 'broo'tta lay'ofa'
Brytta literally means 'gift-giver', but is also used in the sense of 'leader' or 'lord'; Léofa means 'beloved'


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Brytta Léofa

The Beloved King of Rohan

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Kings of Rohan

The eleventh King of Rohan, second of the second line, who ruled at a time soon after the disasters that had nearly destroyed the land of the Rohirrim. His father Fréaláf had reestablished the realm, with the aid of Saruman, who was at this time newly installed in Isengard. Brytta was famed for aiding the needy among his people, earning himself the surname of Léofa, 'Beloved', from his people.

Brytta's reign was not a peaceful one. Though the Dunlendings that had troubled his immediate ancestors had been quelled, a new threat arose. In the Northlands, the War of the Dwarves and Orcs was raging, and many of the Orcs of the Misty Mountains were fleeing southwards, seeking to settle in the White Mountains south of Rohan. Brytta hunted them down, and by the time of his death it was thought that the Mark had been cleared of them.

Brytta ruled Rohan for forty-four years, and was succeeded by his son Walda.

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