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Haunted Mountain

The domain of the Dead

To the east of Dunharrow in the White Mountains lay a single prominent peak of black rock, the Haunted Mountain or (in the tongue of the Mark) the Dwimorberg. A road marked by standing stones led eastwards from Dunharrow, and a traveller following the road would come into the dark wood of the Dimholt, and thus to the Door of the Dead in the side of the Haunted Mountain.

Beneath the black peak ran the Paths of the Dead, that led beneath the range of the White Mountains and out into the Morthond Vale on their southern flanks. Before the War of the Ring, only one mortal had attempted that path: Baldor son of Brego, and he was lost. At the end of the Third Age, Aragorn was able to pass through as the Heir of Isildur, to whom the Dead owed fulfilment of an oath made long before. He rallied them to his cause, and led them away to war in the west, leaving the mountain free of those who had haunted it for so many centuries.

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