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Extending out into the Great Sea west of the river Lefnui, forming the northwestern boundary of the Bay of Belfalas
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Ras Morthil

The northwestern limit of the Bay of Belfalas

The dark cape that edged the Bay of Belfalas to the northwest, also called Andrast. The mountain chain that ran along the length of the cape was the home of tribes of the Drúedain.



The Ras element of the name literally means 'horn', but in this context would usually be taken as 'cape'. Morthil is more difficult to decipher, but almost certainly contains the root mor-, 'dark' or 'black'. The final -thil is far less certain, but is perhaps connected to til, another word for 'horn', giving a reduplicative name that translates as something like 'Cape Darkhorn'. Alternatively, morth means 'darkness' in the Book of Lost Tales, so the name may be something as simple as 'Cape Darkness' (though this source predates The Lord of the Rings by several decades, and its use of language may not be applicable in this context).

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