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Extending out into the Great Sea west of the river Lefnui, forming the northwestern boundary of the Bay of Belfalas
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Long Cape

The cape to the north of the Bay of Belfalas

Map of the Long Cape

A mountainous promontory that extended into the Great Sea westward of the river Lefnui, better known by its Elvish names Andrast (of which 'Long Cape' is a translation) and Ras Morthil, marking the northern limit of the great Bay of Belfalas. Historically, the hills of this cape were a refuge of the Drúedain or 'Púkel-men', and in later times it was therefore known as Drúwaith Iaur, 'Old Púkel-land'. For fear of this strange people, the other Men of Middle-earth shunned the cape. In the later Third Age it seems to have been an empty wilderness, though there are hints that a few of the Drúedain survived there.

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