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Occupied by Drúedain at least until the end of the Third Age
The lands between the rivers Isen and Lefnui, particularly the mountainous region above the promontory of Andrast
droo'waith yo'wr (ai to rhyme with English 'eye')
Literally 'Former land of the Drû-folk',1 though more normally translated 'Old Púkel-land'
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Drúwaith Iaur

The old land of the Púkel-men

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Map of the Drúwaith Iaur

The name given to the western lands between the Rivers Isen and Lefnui, and especially the mountains above Andrast. This region was at one time home to a large population of Drúedain or Púkel-men, and some of these people survived in secrecy until the time of the War of the Ring.



This region was named by the Gondorians at a time when it was believed that the Drúedain who once lived here had become extinct, making it their 'former' home. It was later discovered that this nomenclature was mistaken, and that some Drúedain continued to survive here through the Third Age.

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