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A name for the Drúedain

A term for the secretive people known variously as Drúedain, Púkel-men, Woses, and many other names besides. Drúath is an earlier form of their name in Sindarin, modified to Drúedain as long ago the First Age, after it was discovered that these people were enemies of the Orcs1.

By the Third Age, the Drúath had dwindled to a fraction of their former numbers, surviving in the woodland known as the Drúadan Forest beneath the White Mountains. Legends said that other secret colonies still existed in their old homeland of Drúwaith Iaur far to the west, but it is not known for sure whether any of these western Drúath remained at time of the War of the Ring.



That is, the Elvish word for 'men', edain, was inserted into the name to show a connection with the actual Edain, the Three Houses of Men who allied themselves with the Elves in the First Age.

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