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Originally widespread, with populations in Beleriand and Númenor
By the end of the Third Age, they were apparently restricted to the Drúadan Forest (and possibly Drúwaith Iaur)
This name was given to themselves by this people; its meaning is not known1
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The people known as the Drúedain

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One of many names used for a race known to the Elves as Drúedain, or to later generations of Men as 'Woses'. The name Drûgs was used in Brethil in the First Age, where a uniquely close relationship developed between these people and the Folk of Haleth, the Edain that inhabited that forest region. It comes ultimately from their own name for themselves, though the correct plural form in their own language would be Drughu.



In Sindarin, the word drû meant 'wild' or 'untamed'. That meaning seems to have grown out of association with the Drûgs, but it is hardly likely to have been the intended meaning of their own name for their race.

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