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A name for the Drúedain

A name for a wild branch of the race of Men, better known as the Drúedain or Woses. Though never numerous, at one time they had been widespread, and were found in both Beleriand and later in Númenor. By the closing years of the Third Age, their numbers had dwindled, and only small remnants of this people remained. Some were still found in the mountains of the peninsula of Andrast, while another group were to be found in Anórien, where they gave their name to the Drúadan Forest.

The name 'Drû-folk' is a partial translation of Sindarin Drúedain: Drû was the Sindarin word for these people, and -edain represented Men, especially the ancient allies of the Elves during the First Age (a group to which at least some of the Drû-folk belonged).

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