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The ancestors of the Woses were Men, and awoke at the beginning of the Years of the Sun
Originally widespread, with populations in Beleriand and Númenor
By the end of the Third Age, they were apparently restricted to the Drúadan Forest (and possibly Drúwaith Iaur)
From the second element of Old English wuduwása, 'woodwose', a strange woodland creature
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A Mannish name for the Drúedain

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A name among the Rohirrim for the shy, secretive people known in Elvish as the Drúedain. Though never populous, the end of the Third Age saw these people reduced to a few populations in the southern parts of Middle-earth, especially in the Drúwaith Iaur and Drúadan Forest of Rohan, where the Rohirrim came into contact with them.

In fact, the word 'wose' is a name from British folklore, referring to a hairy, troll-like being supposed to inhabit woods and forests. It represents Tolkien's translation of an actual word of the Rohirrim into ancient English; the Rohirrim themselves would not have called such a creature a 'wose', but a róg.

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