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Originally widespread, with populations in Beleriand and Númenor
By the end of the Third Age, they were apparently restricted to the Drúadan Forest (and possibly Drúwaith Iaur)
An adaptation of Drughu, the name of this people for themselves, of unknown meaning
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A Quenya name for the Drúedain

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The mysterious Wild Men of the Woods called their own kind Drughu, a name which the Elves rendered into their own languages and sound-systems. In Sindarin it became Drû, from which the later name Drúedain derives. In Quenya, Drughu became . When they were recognised by the Elves as belonging to the race of Men, and became their allies in the war against Morgoth, they acquired the suffix -atani, so Quenya Rúatani is exactly equivalent to Sindarin Drúedain.

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