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Originally widespread, with populations in Beleriand and Númenor; by the end of the Third Age, they were apparently restricted to the Drúadan Forest (and possibly Drúwaith Iaur)
oghor is uncertain, but hai means 'people'
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The Orcs’ name for the Drúedain

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The name used by the Orcs to describe that race of Men otherwise known as the Drúedain or Woses. The two races bore a deep enmity for one another dating back to the First Age, when the Drúedain of Beleriand allied themselves with the Edain against the Orcs. The Orcs feared the Oghor-hai greatly, and especially their mysterious 'watch-stones', believing them to have uncanny and dangerous powers.

The origin of the name Oghor-hai is not fully understood. The ending -hai indicates that it refers to a race or people (as in Uruk-hai or Olog-hai), but the word Oghor is nowhere explained. Most other names for the Drúedain - including the word Drúedain itself - mean 'Wild Men', so it might perhaps be speculated that Oghor is an Orkish equivalent.

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