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The people that became known as the Drúedain

The race of Men known as Woses or Wild Men of the Woods had, in their own language, a name for their own kind: Drughu. When the Elves first encountered these people, they fitted the name 'Drughu' to their own sound-systems, and in the Sindarin language the name translated as Drû1.

As the Elves came to know these people better, and to recognise their bitter enmity to Morgoth and his creatures, so their name was changed. Drû acquired the ending edain, a word reserved for the Elves' principal allies among Men during the First Age. So the race of Woses became known in Sindarin as Drúedain. That term survived, for example, in the name 'Drúadan Forest', where Ghân-buri-Ghân and his people dwelt to the north of Minas Tirith.



Elsewhere, Tolkien states that drû was the Sindarin word for 'wild, untamed'. Unless this is a remarkable coincidence, it seems that the Sindar adopted the name of the Drughu as a general word for 'wild'.

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