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The Drúedain or Woses were a branch of the race of Men, short and squat of stature, but possessed of strange powers and sensitivities. They were never populous, but in ancient times many of them were to be found in the southern lands adjoining the White Mountains. This population dwindled over the years, and by the end of the Third Age the only group known to still exist in this part of the World were those who lived in the Drúadan Forest of Anórien.

The Drúadan Forest stood on the northern foothills of the White Mountains westward of Minas Tirith, and took its name from its wild inhabitants. These Drúedain had little concern for the peoples outside their woodland borders, but they had a deep and ancient hatred for Orcs. Thus, during the War of the Ring, they agreed to aid the Rohirrim in their ride to the relief of Minas Tirith, revealing the Stonewain Valley, long forgotten by all but the Wild Men, leading directly through the Mountains.

After the War of the Ring it was discovered that the Drúedain of Anórien were not the last of their kind. Other Drúedain, closely akin to them, were found living a secret life among the hills of Drúwaith Iaur, and fishing the coasts of Enedwaith far off to the west.

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