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Came into existence with the foundation of Rohan in III 2510
Founded by Eorl the Young
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A name for the Men of Rohan

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A name used by the Wild Men of the Drúadan Forest for the people of Rohan, referring to the importance to their culture of the horse, a fact from which they also took their more common Elvish name, the Rohirrim. Relations between the Wild Men and the Horse-men had not been friendly (indeed it seems that the Rohirrim at one time hunted the Wild Men). Nonetheless, in the War of the Ring the leader of the Drúedain, Ghân-buri-Ghân, treated with King Théoden (whom he called 'father of Horse-men') and lent their aid to the Rohirrim. Thus Théoden was able to find the long-forgotten Stonewain Valley, and use it to ride to the relief of Minas Tirith in the great Battle of the Pelennor.

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