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A son of Helm Hammerhand



One of the two sons of Helm Hammerhand of Rohan. When the land was invaded from east and west, Haleth's father the King led the Rohirrim to shelter in the deep behind the Hornburg (later known as Helm's Deep). Haleth's brother Háma travelled westward with their father, but Haleth himself stayed to defend Edoras against the invaders. He fell at the doors of Meduseld itself, resisting the Dunlending forces of Helm's enemy, Wulf.

Haleth's name likely comes from the Old English hæleþ, meaning 'warrior' or 'hero'. He is not to be confused with another, more famous Haleth, the daughter of Haldad, who gave her name to the People of Haleth during the First Age.

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