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People of Haleth

The Haladin of Brethil

Map of the journey of the People of Haleth

The long journey of the Haleth and her people from Thargelion into the Forest of Brethil.

The second of the Three Houses of the Edain originally dwelt east of the River Gelion, in the lands of Caranthir son of Fëanor. After suffering dreadfully at the hands of Orcs, they lost their lord Haldad, and his daughter Haleth resolved to find her people a land to call their own. She led them westward, and eventually they settled in the Forest of Brethil, with the leave of King Thingol in Menegroth.

The main dwelling of the People of Haleth was a fenced compound known as Ephel Brandir, on the hill of Amon Obel in the middle of the forest. According to some tales, there were Drúedain in the woods of Brethil too, with whom Haladin held a bond of friendship against the Orcs that raided their lands from the north.

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