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‘The Faithful Stone’

A tale from the Forest of Brethil

The People of Haleth dwelt in the Forest of Brethil with their allies, the Drúedain. The folk-tales of the Woodmen told that the Drúedain had strange and mystical powers, and one of these tales is recorded: the brief story of The Faithful Stone.

The story tells of a Woodman named Barach and his friend, a Drúadan named Aghan. When Aghan was called away, he left a watch-stone, a carving in the shape of one of his people, to help guard Barach's house. In the night, the house was beset by Orcs, who started to set fire to it. A mysterious stranger appeared and defeated the Orcs, stamping out the flames they had lit. The following day, the watch-stone was found with its legs blackened and broken, and when Aghan returned, it was seen that he, too, had burned and blistered legs.

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