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Endured through most of the First Age, until it was wasted and abandoned in the Dagor Bragollach, probably in I 455
The land east of Gelion, from Mount Rerir in the north to the River Ascar in the south
The halls of Caranthir were beside Lake Helevorn, in the far north of the land
tharge'lion (the 'e' here is pronounced as in English were)
'Beyond Gelion' (Gelion being the river that separated this land from Beleriand)
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The land beyond Gelion

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The name, meaning simply 'land beyond Gelion', given to the northern parts of the region that lay between the River Gelion and the Blue Mountains. After the Return of the Noldor, Caranthir dwelt here, and after this time it was more usually called Dor Caranthir ('Caranthir's land').

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