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Settled in Brethil with the Halethrim in the early Fourth Century of the First Age; survivors of this people travelled to Númenor at the end of that Age
Dwelt in the Forest of Brethil
A branch of the Drúedain from beyond the Blue Mountains allied with the Halethrim
droo'ehdine of bele'riand


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Drúedain of Beleriand

The ancestral Woses of the First Age

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The Drúedain were a branch of the race of Men that dwelt mainly in the lands around the White Mountains, but a group of these wandered northwards. At some point in the distant past these wandering Drúedain met and allied themselves with the people who would become known as the People of Haleth. We don't know the date or history of that meeting, but we do know that these Drúedain migrated to the Forest of Brethil and dwelt there alongside their allies during the First Age.

The Drúedain of Brethil were small in number, but they fought alongside the Haladin against the Orcs, and also used their extraordinary skills and powers to aid the Men of Brethil. It was this heroism that earned them the suffix -edain, normally reserved for those of the Three Houses of Men who fought alongside the Elves in the Wars of Beleriand. At the end of the First Age the Drúedain of Beleriand were given a place in Númenor. They dwelt there for centuries, but premonitions of disaster led them to gradually return to Middle-earth, and there were no descendants of the Drúedain of Beleriand left in Númenor at the time of the Downfall.

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