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Probably built in I 495;1 destroyed at the end of the First Age
On the hill of Amon Obel in the midst of the Forest of Brethil
Ruled by the House of Haleth
e'fel bra'ndeer
'Encircling fence of Brandir'
Other names
Sometimes simply called the Ephel


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Ephel Brandir

The stockade at the heart of Brethil

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Map of Ephel Brandir

The fenced homestead of the People of Haleth that stood in the Forest of Brethil. Túrin dwelt there in the years before his death.



Dating the building of Ephel Brandir is difficult. Its name strongly implies that it was built by Brandir, and that seems to be supported by the text of the The Silmarillion, where we're told that the Haladin dwelt there '...for Brandir son of Handir who ruled them ... trusted rather in secrecy than in deeds of war...' (Quenta Silmarillion 21, Of Túrin Turambar.).

This fits with what we know of the history of Brethil. In I 495, Brandir's father Handir saw the forest invaded by Orcs, set out to defend his lands and was killed in the fighting. There's no mention of any stronghold in the woods at this point, so it appears to have built by Brandir as a response to these events. If this is correct, then Brandir must have built the Ephel quickly: when Túrin arrived in Brethil the following year, the stronghold was already complete and functional.

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