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Rainy Stair

The old name for the Shuddering Water

A place in the Forest of Brethil, on the way from the Crossings of Teiglin to Ephel Brandir, where the road crossed the stream named Celebros. There a wooden bridge had been constructed, beneath which Celebros fell down a series of many rocky steps, spraying a fine mist into the air. The spray and the rocky steps gave that place its name: Dimrost, translated as the 'Rainy Stair'.

In the year I 496, Túrin discovered an unknown woman lost on the southern fringes of the Forest, and guided her along the road towards Ephel Brandir. When she came to the Rainy Stair, she looked out through the trees to the narrow gorge known as Cabed-en-Aras, the Deer's Leap, and began to shudder violently. It was later discovered that this woman was the sister of Túrin, whom she unknowingly wed. When she discovered the truth, she leapt to her death from Cabed-en-Aras. Afterwards the Men of Brethil, remembering her shuddering at the sight of the gorge as she entered the Forest, renamed the Rainy Stair as Nen Girith, the Shuddering Water.

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