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Lord of Brethil

Ruler of the People of Haleth


The descent of the lords of the Haladin down to the time of Brandir the Lame. Names shown in bold text were accounted Lords of Brethil.

A title used of any of those who ruled the Men of Brethil after their people were led to that forest land by Haleth, and granted leave to remain there by Thingol. Haleth herself had no children, so she was succeeded by her nephew Haldan. From Haldan were descended a line of four other recorded Lords: Halmir, Haldir, Handir and finally Brandir the Lame, who was slain by Túrin after the defeat of Glaurung.

I Haldan Haldan succeeded his childless aunt Haleth to become the first Lord of Brethil.
II Halmir Halmir maintained close ties with the Elves, and after the capture of Minas Tirith, he joined forces with Beleg of Doriath to drive back the invading Orcs that came through the Pass of Sirion. He also made plans to work with the Union of Maedhros, though he died before those plans came to fruition.
III Haldir Haldir followed his father's commitments, and brought many of the People of Haleth to the battle that would later be called the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. He was slain in that battle, along with many of his people.
IV Handir Under Handir's rule, his people had relative peace in their woods for more than twenty years, until a sudden assault by Orcs. Handir set out to defeat them, but his men were defeated and he himself was slain.
V Brandir Called Brandir the Lame, he ruled over the remnant of the People of Haleth. Soon after his succession Túrin came to Brethil, and began before long to take control of the Haladin himself. After the death of Glaurung, Brandir was slain in anger by Túrin.

The Silmarillion makes no mention of the Lordship of Brethil after the death of Brandir, but according to volume 11 of The History of Middle-earth a new Lord was chosen. As Brandir had died without issue, he was succeeded by Hardang son of Hundad, who was descended through a lesser branch from the line of Haldan the first Lord.

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