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Built in the early First Age, captured by Sauron in I 4571
On the island of Tol Sirion, in the Pass of Sirion
mi'nas ti'rith (all the 'i' sounds here are short, so Minas is pronounced like 'minnas')
'Tower of Guard'
Finrod's tower is not the same 'Minas Tirith' as the seat of the Stewards of Gondor. This is a much older tower, destroyed millennia before the Gondorians began construction on their White Tower. For that later version, see this entry.


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Minas Tirith

The tower that guarded the Pass of Sirion

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Map of Minas Tirith on Tol Sirion

The tower that guarded the Pass of Sirion, after which Minas Tirith in Gondor was perhaps named. Built by Finrod Felagund to keep watch on the western pass of Beleriand, it was mainly in the keeping of his brother Orodreth until captured by Sauron in the late First Age.



Sauron didn't destroy the tower after its capture - instead, he ruled it himself as Tol-in-Gaurhoth for a period of about ten years. The tower was finally destroyed by Lúthien during the Quest of the Silmaril.

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