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Probably established c.I 100;1 destroyed at the end of the First Age
Crossing the river Teiglin on the western borders of Brethil
Teiglin is pronounced 'tay'glin'
Teiglin means 'boundary-singer'


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Crossings of Teiglin

The river-crossing under the eaves of Brethil

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Map of the Crossings of Teiglin

The point in the middle course of the River Teiglin where it was crossed by the road running north to Minas Tirith, on the western borders of Brethil.



We don't know for sure when the Crossings of Teiglin were first used, and they may in principle have dated back to the time before the making of the Moon and Sun. However, the fact that they lay on the road between Finrod's strongholds of Nargothrond and Minas Tirith suggests that they probably originated at around the same date: about I 100 or a little afterward.

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