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South Road

The road that ran to Nargothrond

The road that ran south across the Crossings of Teiglin, and thence around the western edge of the Moors of the Nibin-noeg. From there it led on southwestwards, skirting the Guarded Plain of Talath Dirnen, where it was closely watched by the Elves of Nargothrond, until it came to Nargothrond itself on the River Narog.

To the north of the Crossings of Teiglin, the road came down from Minas Tirith on Tol Sirion. That watchtower had been built by Finrod of Nargothrond, and was held for many years by his brother Orodreth, so it seems most likely that the South Road was originally made by the people of Nargothrond as a means of communication with their northern outpost.

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