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Shuddering Water

The falls of Celebros

The road from the Crossings of Teiglin led uphill through the trees of Brethil towards the ephel on Amon Obel, and as it did so it came to the stream of Celebros, which flowed down in tumbling waterfalls from the heights above. Here the stream was crossed by a wooden bridge, and from that bridge was a clear view through the trees of the Ravines of Teiglin to the west. It was here that Turambar brought Niënor after finding her at the edge of the wood, and when she saw the Ravines, Niënor began to shudder violently and fell into a fever.

Three years later, it was on the spot that she had seen through the trees that Túrin slew Glaurung, and with his last breath the Dragon revealed that she was Túrin's sister and carrying his child, a revelation that caused her to leap to her death in the waters of Teiglin. Her fit of shivering was seen as a foreshadowing of these dreadful events, and the falls of Celebros, which had previously been known as Dimrost, gained a new name: Nen Girith or 'Shuddering Water'.

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