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Hador was granted Dor-lómin as a fief in the early fifth century of the First Age; Dor-lómin was overrun by Easterlings in I 472 after the Nirnaeth
Dor-lómin, the southern region of Hithlum
Dor-lómin was a land held by High King Fingolfin, who granted it to the Men in his service
Ruled by the House of Hador
Dor-lómin is pronounced do'r loamin
Dor-lómin means 'Land of Echoes'
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Men of Dor-lómin

The followers of Hador and his descendants

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Men of the House of Hador, to whom the land of Dor-lómin was granted as a hereditary fief by the Kings of the Noldor.

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