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A rebel of Dor-lómin

A Man of Dor-lómin, of that branch of the Edain led by the House of Hador. After the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the rightful Lord of Dor-lómin, Húrin Thalion, was taken as captive to Angband, and Dor-lómin itself was given over to Morgoth's Easterling ally Brodda. With others of Húrin's followers, Asgon was made a servant in Brodda's hall, until one day Húrin's son Túrin appeared out of the Mountains of Shadow.

Slaying Brodda, Túrin freed Asgon and the others, and together they fled into the Mountains, and sheltered in a hidden cave. So the freed servants became hunted rebels, and as Túrin departed once again, Asgon asked him to return only if he could bring a force to liberate his father's land. In the event, Túrin never returned to the land of his birth, and no tale tells the fate of Asgon and his fellow outlaws.

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