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The shuddering of Niënor that gave these falls their name occurred in I 496; they were destroyed at the end of the First Age
The point at which the road to Ephel Brandir crossed the stream Celebros within the Forest of Brethil
Given this name in memory of a great shuddering that came upon Niënor when she passed this way after first coming to Brethil
Within the forest of the Haladin, but Niënor came originally from the Men of Dor-lómin
Brethil was ruled by the House of Haleth; Niënor was of the House of Hador
Celebros rose in the western Forest of Brethil
Celebros ran into Teiglin to the southwest of Nen Girith
ne'n gee'reeth
Other names
The Shuddering Water; originally called Dimrost, the Rainy Stair


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The 'Shuddering Water' where the stream of Celebros fell into the Ravines of Teiglin; so named for the great shivering that came upon Niënor Níniel when she first came there.

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