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The stream of the Rainy Stair

A minor tributary of the River Teiglin that flowed beneath the eaves of the Forest of Brethil. The Celebros descended southwards from the highlands of Brethil into the Ravines of Teiglin through a series of waterfalls that filled the air with fine spray (the name Celebros means 'silver spray'). A wooden bridge crossed the Celebros at a place called - because of the waterfalls' spray - Dimrost, or the Rainy Stair.

Dimrost's name was changed when Niënor came to cross the Celebros. When she reached the bridge, which gave a wide view of the Ravines of Teiglin to the south and west, a foresight of her doom seems to have come upon her (she was to die in the waters of the Teiglin). The sudden shuddering that overtook her then gave a new name to the crossing of the Celebros: Nen Girith, the Shuddering Water.

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