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South Road

The road from Minas Tirith’s southern fiefs

One of three major roadways that led out of Minas Tirith and across the Pelennor Fields to pass through the surrounding wall of the Rammas Echor. As Minas Tirith was relatively close to the wall in the south, the South Road was the shortest of these three roads, passing close by the harbour of the Harlond before it left the Pelennor. From there it led on southwards, across the Crossings of Erui, to eventually reach Pelargir more than a hundred miles to the south of Minas Tirith.

The South Road of Gondor is not to be confused with an earlier roadway of the same name. That road also led southwards from a tower named Minas Tirith, but that Minas Tirith was the watchtower built by Finrod in the First Age, and the road led to his great stronghold at Nargothrond. That ancient South Road was destroyed at the end of the First Age, more than three thousand years before the founding of Gondor.

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