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Brandir lived between I 465 and I 499 (34 years)1
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The Lame

A title of Brandir of the Haladin

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the Lame

Brandir son of Handir was a descendant of the Lords of Brethil and heir to that title. While he was still a child, he suffered a broken leg (we're not told the details of his misfortune, except that it was due to his own misadventure). Brandir never fully recovered from that injury, and so even after he succeeded his father to rule the Men of Brethil he was known as Brandir the Lame. It was perhaps because of his lameness that Brandir studied the arts of healing, and it was through those arts that he brought Níniel back to health after she came to Brethil.



Brandir became lame due to broken leg suffered in his childhood. We don't know exactly when this happened, and so it isn't possible to say for sure when he was first described as 'the Lame'.

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