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Túrin’s taunting name for Brandir

Brandir son of Handir had broken his leg as a child, an accident that left him permanently lame and needing a crutch in order to walk, and thus he was commonly titled Brandir the Lame. He succeeded his father as the Lord of Brethil, and took in both Túrin and later an unknown maiden who became known as Níniel, and afterwards became Túrin's wife.

It was Brandir who heard Glaurung's last words to Níniel, in which the Dragon revealed that she was in fact Túrin's sister Niënor, and this news caused Niënor Níniel to leap to her death in despair. When Brandir encountered Túrin and reported the news of the Dragon's words and his wife's identity, Túrin flew into a violent rage, falsely accusing Brandir of slander and malice, and taunting his lameness with the name 'Club-foot'. In his fury Túrin then took his black sword Gurthang and with it slew Brandir.

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