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Occupied from approximately I 420; destroyed at the end of the First Age
West of Doriath, between the rivers Teiglin and Sirion
Ruled by the House of Haleth
Important peaks
sa'rch nee'a hee'n hoo'rin ('ch' as in Scots 'loch')
Other names


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Brandir son of Handir was the lame Lord of Brethil at the time when Túrin dwelt there under the alias Turambar. When Túrin defended the forest land against Glaurung, Brandir witnessed the events that unfolded after the defeat of the Dragon. Overcome by its poisonous blood, Túrin was found by Níniel his wife, who thought him dead. The dying Glaurung recovered enough strength to reveal that Níniel was in fact Niënor, the sister of Túrin, and in her horror Níniel threw herself over a precipice into the River Teiglin.

Brandir also imagined that Túrin was dead, and he brought report of the events he had seen to the people of Brethil. Thus it became known that those that had been named Turambar and Nìniel were Túrin and Niënor, the Children of Húrin. In their memory Brandir gave his land a new name, Sarch nia Hîn Húrin, Grave of the Children of Húrin.

But Túrin was not dead, and he recovered to find himself alone beside the body of the Great Worm. Coming upon the people in the forest, he discovered the truth and slew Brandir in a rage, before taking his own life. So, Brethil became not only the Grave of the Children of Húrin, but also of Brandir its Lord.

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