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Known to have been extant between III 30121 and III 3019, and beyond
Commanded the garrison at Edoras before the War of the Ring; after the War, as Marshal of the East-mark, Elfhelm's command was at Aldburg
Simply a compound of 'Elf' and 'helm'2


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A lord of Rohan and later Marshal of the East-mark; he fought with Grimbold in the First Battle of the Fords of Isen after the loss of Théodred.



Our first dated reference to Elfhelm describes his appointment as commander of the garrison of Edoras in the year III 3012. To be granted such a senior rank implies that he was not young at this date, though his exact dates of birth and death are not known.


It is perhaps notable that the name 'Elfhelm' was a direct equivalent of Elvish Eldacar, the name of two kings of the Dúnedain. The name seems to have originally emerged as belonging to Aragorn's father: a rough early note by Tolkien names Aragorn as 'Eldamir (= Elfstone) son of Eldakar (= Elfhelm)' (The History of Middle-earth volume 7). This naming scheme was not used in the finished story (Eldamir became Elessar, and Aragorn's father was simply known as 'Arathorn') but the name 'Elfhelm' survived as that of a commander of the Rohirrim.

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