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Established after the War of the Ring in III 3019
A title created by King Éomer of Rohan
The seat of the Marshals is unknown, but the Hornburg seems a likely location
Title of
Erkenbrand and his successors


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Marshal of the West-mark

A commander of the forces of Rohan

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A post created by Éomer after he succeeded Théoden to become King of Rohan. Traditionally, the Riders of Rohan outside Edoras had been commanded by two Marshals, known as the Second and Third Marshals, whose assignments varied according to military need. Éomer (who had himself been Third Marshal) modified this arrangement, creating instead a permanent Marshal of the West-mark, and an equivalent Marshal of the East-mark. The first Rider to hold this rank in the West-mark was Erkenbrand of Westfold (while his counterpart in the East-mark was Elfhelm).

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