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Both Galadriel and Aredhel dated back into the Years of the Trees; Galadriel passed into the West on 29 September III 3021; Erendis lived between II 771 and II 985; Éowyn was born in III 2995 and survived into the Fourth Age
Particularly associated with Galadriel in Lórien
Galadriel and Aredhel were both of the Noldor; Erendis was one of the Dúnedain of Númenor; Éowyn was one of the Rohirrim
Title of
Especially Galadriel, but also used of Aredhel, Erendis and Éowyn


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White Lady

Noblest of the ladies of Elves and Men

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A title that recurs several times across the histories of both Elves and Men, from the First Age through to the Third and beyond. It is used most usually to refer to Galadriel of Lórien, whose custom it was to robe herself in white. In the First Age, however, the title had also been used of Galadriel's cousin Aredhel, the White Lady of the Noldor (though in Aredhel's case it described the extraordinary paleness of her skin rather than her preferred mode of dress).

As well as these two Elves, there were also two White Ladies among the race of Men. In the Second Age, Erendis of Númenor withdrew to live in her remote White House, and became known as the White Lady of Emerië. The final White Lady was Éowyn of Rohan, who - like Galadriel - seems to have gained the title due to her preference for dressing in white.

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