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Ruling Queen of Númenor

Title of the three Queens who ruled in their own name

Five Kings from
Elros Tar-Minyatur
to Tar-Meneldur
Five Kings from
Tar-Minastir to
Seven Kings from
Tar-Calmacil to
The line of descent of the three Ruling Queens of Númenor (whose names are shown in bold here). Also shown is the descent of the rightful fourth Ruling Queen, Tar-Míriel, whose throne was usurped by her cousin Ar-Pharazôn.

A title used of just three Queens of Númenor: Tar-Ancalimë, Tar-Telperiën and Tar-Vanimeldë. These were the only Queens to rule the island of Númenor in their own right.

I Tar-Ancalimë Ruled for 205 years between II 1075 and II 1280
Ancalimë was the only child of Tar-Aldarion, and for her sake that King caused the laws of Númenor to be changed so that she could become a Ruling Queen in her own right. She reversed her father's policy of good will towards the Elves of Middle-earth, and gave no aid to Gil-galad in Lindon. She was succeeded by her only son, who ruled as King Tar-Anárion.
II Tar-Telperiën Ruled for 175 years between II 1556 and II 1731
The eldest child of King Tar-Súrion, the second Ruling Queen refused to take a husband, and thus died childless. She was succeeded by her nephew, the son of her brother Isilmo, who became King Tar-Minastir.
III Tar-Vanimeldë Ruled for 111 years between II 2526 and II 2637
After Tar-Telperiën there were no further Ruling Queens for nearly eight hundred years, until Tar-Telemmaitë was succeeded by his daughter Tar-Vanimeldë. She had little concern for the business of ruling her kingdom, and so her husband Herucalmo effectively acted as regent during her reign. After her death, without any legal right, he installed himself as her successor Tar-Anducal, and held the Sceptre for twenty years until his death. At that time the rightful King, Tar-Alcarin, took on the rule of Númenor.

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