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Brought up at the White House of Erendis in Emerië; as Queen her seat was at Armenelos
'Most radiant'
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Heir to Tar-Aldarion of Númenor

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The daughter and only child of Aldarion and Erendis. Her father was a great adventurer and traveller, and he left Númenor on a voyage to Middle-earth when Ancalimë was just four years old. For the five years that followed, Erendis raised her daughter in her White House in Emerië. At the end of that time, when Aldarion at last returned, the young Ancalimë had forgotten him.

Soon after his return, Aldarion's father Tar-Meneldur passed the Sceptre on to him. Having become King, Aldarion (now Tar-Aldarion) revised the laws of succession, which had previously allowed only men to rule Númenor, so that his daughter could become Queen. Ancalimë was officially named King's Heir when she was only nineteen years old.

Because of her lonely upbringing, she disliked the notion of marriage, but it was necessary for her to continue the royal line. She eventually wedded one Hallacar of Hyarastorni, a descendant of Vardamir Nólimon, and they had a son, Anárion. Their marriage was not a happy one, and they soon became estranged.

Ancalimë received the Sceptre to become the first Ruling Queen of Númenor long after she had been named Heir, at the age of 202. Nonetheless, she enjoyed the longest reign of any of Númenor's rulers since Elros Tar-Minyatur himself: a total of two hundred and five years.

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