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White Lady of Emerië

Erendis of Númenor in her later years

When Erendis became betrothed to Aldarion the King's Heir of Númenor, Aldarion's father Tar-Meneldur gave her a gift. In the green pastoral land of Emerië, he built a remote White House amid the rolling downlands. This was in the year II 858, and the pair married in II 870. They had a daughter, Ancalimë, but Aldarion was long away from Númenor on voyages to Middle-earth, and in II 882 the couple became estranged.

At this time Erendis withdrew from the royal court at Armenelos to her White House in Emerië, where she raised Ancalimë alone. During this period Erendis became known as the White Lady of Emerië, and she remained in her White House for more than a century. Eventually, she was drawn to leave the house, but details of her fate are unclear. It seems that she chose to travel to the port of Rómenna, where she met her end.1



Erendis' death is described only in a brief note: 'Erendis perished in the water in the year 985' (Unfinished Tales, Part Two II, Aldarion and Erendis). Having travelled across Númenor to Rómenna this seems to imply that she was somehow lost in its bay, but even that cannot be stated with certainty.

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