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After Ancalimë became the Heir to Tar-Aldarion, she withdrew to the countryside of Emerië, rejecting all of the many suitors who sought her royal hand. While she was dwelling the sheep-lands of Númenor she acquired the title Emerwen Aranel, which is Elvish for 'Princess Shepherdess'.

Though she rejected her courting nobles, she grew close to a shepherd by the name of Mámandil, but after a while Ancalimë was angered to discover that Mámandil was no shepherd, but another noble suitor, Hallacar of Hyarastorni. For all her anger, she became reconciled to Hallacar, and the 'shepherd' and 'shepherdess' eventually married. They had a single son, Anárion, but soon became estranged once again.

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