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Ruler of Númenor

A King or Queen descended from Elros

As the laws of Númenor were originally formulated, only the male line could inherit the rule of the Isle, and so the first six Rulers were also the first six Kings, from Elros Tar-Minyatur to Tar-Aldarion. Tar-Aldarion had only a daughter, and so by the law of that time, his Heir would have been his nephew Soronto. However, Tar-Aldarion caused the law to be changed to allow for Ruling Queens, and thus he was succeeded by his daughter Tar-Ancalimë.

In total there were twenty-five Rulers of Númenor: twenty-two Kings and three Ruling Queens. Tar-Palantir was the twenty-fourth and penultimate Ruler, and like his ancestor Tar-Aldarion he had only a daughter. By law, she should have become the fourth Ruling Queen, Tar-Miriel, but Ar-Pharazôn forced her into marriage and took the Sceptre for himself. It was Ar-Pharazon who brought about the Downfall of Númenor, and so he was the twenty-fifth and last of its Rulers.

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