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Created at the time of the foundation of Númenor in II 32 or shortly thereafter; presumed lost in the Downfall, II 3319
Presumably kept in the royal city of Armenelos
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The Scrolls

The royal records of Númenor

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An alternative name for the document more usually called the Scroll of Kings, the official record that held the names of each of the Rulers of Númenor. The Scrolls dated back to the time of the first King, Elros, whose royal name was entered as Tar-Minyatur ('King, first Lord').

Given that the Scrolls are most commonly called the 'Scroll' of Kings, there is some doubt whether just a single scroll existed or several. Given that the history of Númenor spanned more than three thousand years, it seems hardly plausible that a single document would have continued in regular use over all that time, so perhaps the plural 'Scrolls' refers to the various copies of the royal records made over the centuries.

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