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Kept between the foundation of Gondor in II 3320 and the loss of Eärnur in III 2050 (2,171 years)


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Book of Kings

The chronicle of the House of Anárion

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The official roll of the early rulers of Gondor, recording not only their names and dates, but also the events that occurred during the reigns. It thus continued a tradition of Númenor, where the deeds of the Rulers were recorded in a Scroll of Kings. The Book apparently held records for all thirty-three of the original line of the Kings of Gondor, from Elendil to Eärnur. After the loss of Eärnur, the Book of Kings was closed, and instead a new Book of the Stewards was begun with the name Mardil Voronwë, first of the Ruling Stewards of Gondor.

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