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Scroll of Kings

The record of the rulers of Númenor

The official scroll in which the names of the twenty-five rulers of Númenor were recorded. The Scroll dated back to the beginning of Númenor's royal line, and it is known that Elros, the first King, had his royal name Tar-Minyatur entered into it. Over the centuries, the Scroll became a preserve of tradition, to the extent that when the twentieth ruler Ar-Adúnakhor chose to take his name in Adûnaic, the Quenya version Tar-Herunúmen was nonetheless entered into the records.

Though the Scroll of Kings is commonly referred to as a single scroll, there are some indications that in fact several copies existed, as would seem prudent for such an important document. The Scroll is not mentioned after the Downfall, and it seems almost certain that it was lost in the destruction of Númenor.

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