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Valley of the Tombs

Noirinan beneath the Meneltarma

The mountain known as the Meneltarma rose out of the plains in central Númenor, and around its base wide valleys extended out into the surrounding lowlands. The southern valley, out of which the river Siril ran, was the place where the Númenóreans buried their rulers. This valley was therefore known as Noirinan, or the Valley of the Tombs.

The tombs of the Rulers of Númenor were cut into the rock of the mountain at the head of the valley, and apparently down into the earth beneath. There the Kings and Queens of Númenor were placed in richly appointed sepulchres, lying on beds of gold.

There were twenty-five Rulers of Númenor from Elros Tar-Minyatur to Ar-Pharazôn. Ar-Pharazôn the last King never returned from his attempted invasion of Aman, so there would have been at least twenty-four tombs in the Valley by the time of the Downfall. In principle there may have been many more than this (for example, if royal consorts were also given tombs beneath the Holy Mountain).

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