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The father of Erendis


The descent of Beregar of Númenor, showing his descent from Beleth1 daughter of Bregolas, of the House of Bëor.

A nobleman of Númenor, descended from the House of Bëor, whose house was in the region of Númenor known as the Westlands. His daughter was Erendis, who became Queen to Tar-Aldarion. They had a daughter of their own, and so Beregar became the grandfather of the first Ruling Queen of Númenor, Tar-Ancalimë.



Beleth is not mentioned in The Silmarillion, but she is shown in the extended genealogy of the House of Bëor in volume 11 of The History of Middle-earth. A period of at least three centuries separated Beleth and Beregar, so Beleth must have had several generations of descendants living through the end of the First Age and then establishing themselves in Númenor.

Beleth is briefly mentioned in Unfinished Tales, but there her name is given incorrectly as 'Bereth'. This confusion of names is resolved by Christopher Tolkien in his notes to the genealogy mentioned above.

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